The Cat Who Writes™

I am a cat. I write.

Never give up on your dream even if you are a cat

I finally got my typist to type for me again. She said she was too busy. But, she had time to watch Netflix. I should have just hired someone else. I have spent the last year supervising the laundry. Why do people have so many clothes? Why don’t they just lick themselves? (Is it because […]

Dogs are good at recycling

Annie, the dog who lives with us, is very good at helping Mrs. Hodges. Mrs. Hodges is so busy cleaning the seven litter boxes she doesn’t have time to break up all of the cardboard boxes into small pieces. Annie lies to help. She likes to help with recycling. Mrs. Hodges leaves cardboard boxes on […]

Humans, don’t step on paper bags.

This is a public service announcement to humans who like to step on paper bags. Don’t step on paper bags. If you see a paper bag on the floor, resist the desire to stomp on it with your foot. There might be a cat sleeping in it. This is Clara. She found the paper bag […]

Sometimes a cat will share the “dog” beds

Mrs. Hodges bought very large beds for us to lay on. I overheard her say they were dog beds, but, I saw a photograph on her computer where the beds are called pet beds. BUT, there was a photograph of a dog in the photograph. If it is a PET bed, why wasn’t there a cat […]

It is hard to open a book when you don’t have thumbs

Seriously, humans, you have no idea how fortunate you are to have thumbs. You can open a can of tuna, you can open a door, and you can pull the tab off of a can of sardines. It is hard to open a book when you don’t have any thumbs. I was trying to open […]

I am helping Mrs. Hodges make a cat costume

Mrs. Hodges is making a cat costume and I was helping her. The fabric kept slipping off of the table, so I sat on the fabric for her. Cats like to help humans cut out fabric. Pooh Hodges, the first cat who writes, wrote a book, How To Be a Cat. The book is for humans, […]

31 days of The Cat Who Writes

Well, Mrs. Hodges, my typist, thought it would be a good idea if I participated in the 31 day challenge for the month of October, at 31 Days Every day I will write about something that happened that day. Perhaps you would like to see all of the seven litter boxes? Or maybe you would […]

How to Be a Cat, the book

Pooh Hodges, rest in peace, wrote How to Be a Cat. Mrs. Hodges, his typist, illustrated his story and turned it into a book. The first proof of the book arrived last week. What do you think? Humans can get very stressed out having to drive to work every day. And often they only have […]

How to turn a cat into an alarm clock

Cats make good alarm clocks. I am a cat, so I know. Why would a human waste money on buying an alarm clock when all they need is a cat? You don’t have to worry about the power going out and your electric alarm clock not working. Just get a cat and turn it into […]

Teach your cat to read

I am teaching the kittens how to read. It is not very hard. English is an easy language to learn. Especially if you use the Dr. Seuss books. It is very sad that Pat sat on the cat. Pat needs to pay more attention. Pat owns a black chair and a black cat. How silly. […]